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Surepet Textured Bone Dog Toy Review

Did you realise that we now have less than 4 weeks until Christmas?! Crazy, I know! Where has 2017 gone?!!

So as you start putting together your Christmas gift list for family and friends, I know you will also be thinking about pressies for your four-legged family members. With this in mind, I thought I would share a review with you on one of Peppa’s Christmas presents from last year, the Surepet Textured Bone Dog Toy. This was $7 from Kmart – super cheap!



Kmart Surepet Textured Bone Dog Chew Toy | Dog Toy Product Review | Four Paws Report
Surepet Textured Bone Dog Toy – a bargain at only $7 from Kmart Australia


Here’s a close up of the bone. As you can see, the green rubber on the ends and along the length of the bone is knobbly and textured. This helps to remove plaque from the teeth as the dog chews on it.

Kmart Surepet Textured Bone Dog Chew Toy | Dog Toy Product Review | Four Paws Report
Surepet Textured Bone Dog Toy – official image from


While I very rarely ever leave Peppa home alone with toys (her two Kongs being pretty much the exception to this), I am always on the lookout for extra tough and sturdy toys to help her pass the time when we are all out and she is alone. I’m particularly keen on any toy that will also help clean her teeth, so decided to give this one a go.

On first inspection, the bone-shaped toy is made of really hard white plastic material with slightly softer green textured plastic at each end. The middle section (the long part of the bone) is made of interlocking green and white rubbery plastic sections, covered in raised bumps. This looks ideal for teeth cleaning. The raised bumps will rub against the teeth, helping to scrap off the plaque build-up. This is the goal of teeth cleaning in dogs and cats. Just like brushing teeth, if you remove the plaque, you will reduce the ability of bacteria to bind to the plaque and cause gingivitis (gum disease) and tooth decay.

Definitely the bone was a hit. Peppa managed to grab it between her paws and gnaw on the ends, just like she would on a raw, meaty bone. I left her with the bone for around 30 mins while we unwrapped some other presents and had a coffee. She even forgot about ripping up all the wrapping paper. That’s how much she loved chewing on the bone!

When I checked her again around 30 minutes later, this is what the bone looked like…


Kmart Surepet Textured Bone Dog Chew Toy | Dog Toy Product Review | Four Paws Report
Here’s the Surepet Textured Bone Dog Toy 30 minutes later – the green rubber was fairly easy to chew off


Not ideal, particularly when I realised she had started to chew off small green rubber bits from the end. Luckily, she’s not one to swallow the bits of the toys she destroys, but I wasn’t going to take the risk.

End of present.

We’ve since tried to remove all the green rubbery covering from both ends of the bone. Its surprisingly well-attached though! With most of the green rubbery end coverings removed, Peppa chewed on it for less than 5 minutes and gave up. It’s obviously just not that appealing now!


So how did we rate this toy?

Cost: 4 paws up

Durability: 1 paw

Boredom buster: 1 paw

Fun Factor: 1 paw

Overall: 1 paw if you’ve got a heavy chewer, 2 paws for an average chewer.







Have you tried this toy?

We’d love to hear your thoughts too and happy to answer any questions – just add a comment below!

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