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Easy DIY Indoor Cat Grass Planter – Make it Today!

Grass chewing – does your cat do this too? My feline friend Basil is obsessed with it! He’s an indoors cat and only ventures outside when I hang out the washing, or the kids are playing – he’s supervised at all times. Not that he goes very far. Generally he makes a bee-line for the closest, greenest, longest grass and sits there chewing on it!


DIY Cat Grass Planter | Four Paws Report


There’s lots of very good reasons why cats (and often dogs too!) like to chew on grass. In fact its so common that I’ve written a whole blog post on it, which you can read by clicking on the link here.


It did get me thinking about ways in which I can satisfy Basil’s obsession with grass-chewing. I did some research and found this really great idea from . Not only could I provide Basil with his much-loved grass, but it gave the family a nice little DIY project to complete on a Sunday.


Here’s the original Pinterest idea from The AntiJune Cleaver. Thanks Regan – its a fab idea 🙂  How to make an amazing DIY cat garden

You’ll also find the pin saved on the FourPawsReport “Indoor Cats” board here:


Your local nursery or garden centre should have a good selection of cat-friendly plants, probably located with the rest of the herbs. My recommendations for cats include plain old cat grass, cat mint, cat nip and parsley. All of these are very safe and tend to be preferred by most cats. I chose cat grass and cat mint (interestingly Basil has nver been a fan of anything containing catnip) and we had flat-leafed (continental) parsley in the garden so I used some of that to increase the variety. Pick a fairly shallow planter/flowerpot (easy access for cats) and some good quality soil (the same quality you would use for planting herbs). We also used some white pebbles and some cat ornaments that my daughter already had at home for decoration.


Here’s our finished product:

DIY Cat Grass Planter - how to make one for your indoor cat | Four Paws Report


As you can see, the grass even got a lick of approval from Peppa 🙂

DIY Cat Grass Planter - how to make one for your indoor cat (that even your dog will like!) | Four Paws Report


Have you got any good DIY cat grass projects to recommend? We’d love to feature some more links or share your ideas and photos to provide further inspiration for cat parents!


Happy planting 🙂

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