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Larry the Lobster from Tuffy Toys Review


Today our Chief Tester is getting her teeth into Tuffy Toy’s Larry the Lobster (


Larry Lobster by Tuffy Toys | Dog Toy Product Review | Four Paws Report

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I’ve had my eye on Tuffy Toy’s Larry the Lobster ever since I came across him in a fabulous pet shop in Cambria CA last year. I’m sure I’m not the only one who checks out pet stores when on holiday!! We spent a fabulous 2 weeks in California last year but missed Peppa and Basil terribly (Peppa definitely missed us too, Basil not so much but that’s cats for you).

As we drove up Highway 1, stopping along the way to give the kids a break, we came across this great pet store in Cambria and I fell in love with the Tuffy range – I just knew Peppa would love them too. These toys have a “tuff rating” out of 10. I haven’t found one rated 10 out of 10 (maybe I shouldn’t expect perfection 😊) but there a quite a few rated 8, so we tried those first. We bought a Tuffy rabbit and it was an absolute hit! I wish I had some photos, but seriously this toy lasted over 3 months, which for Peppa is an eternity (nothing else lasts longer than 30 minutes!).


Larry Lobster by Tuffy Toys | Dog Toy Product Review | Four Paws Report


Eventually Peppa managed to put a hole in the rabbit and pull out the stuffing, so it had to go. It was so successful though, that I decided to buy Larry the Lobster – who doesn’t love eating lobster?!? Larry gets an 8/10 rating on the “tuff scale” too, just like the rabbit.

Peppa seems to love red toys. I’d be interested to know if other pet parents have noticed a similar love of red with their dogs. Perhaps this colour stands out in their vision spectrum? I have noticed that a lot of dog toys are red, so perhaps I’m not alone here in thinking that it seems to attract dogs more than other colours. Larry, being red, was also a hit. For two months she has chewed, shaken and tossed Larry around and enjoyed every minute of it. She does only get Larry under supervision – we do some playing together, then she gets some time to play by herself, then we take Larry away and give him a rest. Rotating toys helps to keep dogs stimulated and prevents boredom.

Larry Lobster by Tuffy Toys | Dog Toy Product Review | Four Paws Report


Eventually she did manage to chew through the top of Larry’s head and expose the stuffing. After some quick surgery though (still using those vet skills 😄😄) we fixed the hole and gave him back to her. However, the damage was done and once Peppa knows there is a weakness, she’ll exploit it to the best of her ability!

So overall how did we rate this toy?


Cost: 2 paws up – it is one of the more expensive toys on the market

Durability: 3 paws up – for dogs that aren’t as destructive as a staffy, this toy would last ages and probably get 4/4.

Boredom Buster: 2 paws up – only because it’s not a toy that I could leave Peppa alone with while we’re out. She’d just keep chewing it until she had ripped it to pieces 😳

Fun Factor: 4 paws up – a perfect score! Peppa loved it and would drop any other toy to play with this one!


Overall: 3 paws



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