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How to make a toilet roll cat toy in 3 easy steps

Basil is happily stepping into the role of Four Paws toy tester again and today he is road testing a DIY toilet paper roll cat toy.

Toilet roll cat toy | Four Paws Report

Let’s face it – everyone throws out finished toilet paper rolls pretty regularly. We do put ours in the recycling bin, but why not find some other uses for these before throwing them out? When the kids were younger, there were heaps of crafty things we could do with old toilet paper rolls, but my two have grown out of such things now. I thought I’d try using them for pet toys instead.

Peppa (who loves to chew on anything) just rips them into pieces in a matter of seconds, but Basil loves to chase them around on the tiled floor. They do roll really well, and Basil is a cat who loves to bat toys around and then pounce on them. So I did what everyone does these days and searched on Pinterest for some ideas for toilet paper roll toys.

This idea came up a few times and is super quick and easy to do. Here’s how I made a toilet roll cat toy in three easy steps:

Step 1

Cut across a standard toilet paper roll to make 6 fairly even sized cardboard rings.


Step 2

Arrange the rings over each other until you form a rough ball-shape (I use 4 or 5 depending on how big I wanted the holes to be). You don’t want the holes to be too big if possible.


Toilet roll cat toy | Four Paws Report


Step 3

Roll your toilet roll ball on the floor and enjoy playing with your cat!

I increased Basil’s level of involvement by adding a few treats inside the ball. I just used about five of his Hills T/d biscuits (kibble) because he loves these, but you could also use dried liver or some other treat that you cat loves. Basil doesn’t really like catnip, but this could work well too. If you’ve tried this then please let me know!

Toilet roll cat toy | Four Paws Report

Basil rolled the ball around on the floor and played with it until he got all of his treats out. It probably took him about 10 minutes (though I did have to rescue it from under the furniture a couple of times). The ball had become a bit squashed by then, so I threw it out. Every week or so when I find another finished toilet paper roll in the bathroom, I make up another one and have a play with him. Even though he’s now a middle-aged cat, he still loves to have a play 🙂


Here are another couple of great ideas for toilet roll cat toys:

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And if you are further inspired to try some more DIY pet projects, why not try a cat grass planter box? You can have a look at mine here:

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Toilet roll cat toy | Four Paws Report

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