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Keep Your Dog Warm This Winter

How cold is it already? Is your dog feeling the winter cold as much as you are? While you are piling on the extra layers, it’s important to remember that our four-legged friends might also need your help to keep warm as the temperature drops.


keep your dog warm in winter | Four Paws Report


Whether your dog can adequately cope in the winter weather will depend on how they are usually housed, their body condition and their coat. Obviously some dog breeds are better able to withstand cooler temperatures than others, generally because their breed traditionally comes from cooler climates where long, thick coats are a necessity. For example some Collie and Shepherd breeds, Huskies, Malamutes and Bernese Mountain Dogs all belong in this category. On the other hand, short-coated breeds are going feel the cold for more – think Greyhounds, Whippets, Staffies and bulldog breeds. Toy breeds will also find it harder to keep warm than larger breeds. Senior dogs or puppies less than six months old are also more vulnerable to all weather conditions and this needs to be taken into consideration as your pet ages or if you have a new puppy.


Generally, if your dog has a chance to become acclimatised to the colder weather, then they seem to manage much better throughout the winter months. Dogs which are housed all year round outside are better able to endure the temperature changes as their coat undergoes the necessary changes to help deal with such weather conditions. The key is to make sure that they have protection from the wind and rain, for example a sheltered undercover area or warm, dry kennel.


Here are our three top tips for keeping your dog warm in winter:


1. Outdoor Kennels:

An appropriate sized kennel – not too big and not too small is the key. Make sure the kennel offers them protection from wind and rain, and add some blankets or other comfy bedding to allow for snuggling and warmth. If your dog sleeps in the garage, outside laundry or other covered outdoor space, consider putting a kennel in this area for them to sleep in, rather than just an open bed. Here’s a couple of our favourite kennels (available in a range of sizes):

Kumfi Kennels have a range of different styles and sizes of insulated kennels. They are pricey but are made from Colorbond steel and EPS foam so are virtually indestructible! The insulation will keep your dog warm in winter and cool in summer. Click here to check them out.

Somerzby dog kennels are beautifully made timber kennels available in either single or double styles. They have a heavy duty, rot free Fir timber frame with an open door complete with plastic curtain to repel bugs and keep out the draughts. These kennels also have a lift out floor for easy cleaning, as well as an opening roof for easy access. Visit their website here.

How to keep your dog warm in winter | Four Paws Report

2. Winter Dog Coats and Jackets:

Peppa has two coats, a plain soft indoor coat to provide some extra warmth overnight and for when she goes outside to stretch her legs (and to go to the toilet!). She then has a slightly thicker, windproof and waterproof coat for cold, wet days or if we go for a walk. Here are a few good options:

Weatherbeeta dog coats are hard to go past and well worth the money. With a range of indoor and outdoor options, Weatherbeeta coats are strong, warm, waterproof (outdoor styles) and machine washable. View their range here.

Kmart Australia has an amazing, well-priced range of different coats: knitted, jersey, waterproof etc. Peppa has this jersey one (see below) and loves it – as do I when its only $9! To see all the options (including the cute dress-ups!) visit the Kmart website.

winter dog coats | Four Paws Report

3. Heat Pads or Mats:

These are OK as long as your dog can readily move off them if they become too hot. We only recommend using them under supervision and not leaving them on all day when you aren’t home. Think of them a bit like column, bar or fan heaters – when cold, most dogs are quite happy to stretch out in front of a warm, cozy heater. When they start to warm up, they just get up and move a bit further away. Leaving them on when you’re not home can be a hazard and is not recommended. There are also some great non-electrical options that have a thermo reflective fibre warming core to radiate warmth generated from your pet’s own body heat. What a great idea! Some brands to consider:

Petlife Self Warming dog bed or mat – uses the dog’s own body heat to radiate warmth. Visit the Petlife site here.

Tail Waggers Heated Oval Pet Bed – this is available in various sizes to suit most pets. They even have a heated dome for cats 🙂 Click here to see the range.

How to keep your dog warm in winter | Four Paws Report

Any other suggestions? How does your dog stay cozy?

Cuddle up to your pets and stay warm this winter!


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