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Hello and welcome to our blog! Now that you’ve found us, let me introduce you to the team.

I’m a vet with 18 years experience in small animal medicine, marketing and technical services. But first and foremost I’m a parent – I have two amazing human kids and two fabulous four-legged kids (one canine and one feline). My co-blogger today is my crazy but devoted staffy Peppa, who doubles as chief toy tester (who wouldn’t love that job?!). 

Peppa is what is best described as a “heavy chewer” which really means that she destroys anything that she can get her teeth into. In about 5 mins flat. So far the only thing that has withstood her jaws is the extreme Kong. She loves this and gets her breakfast in it every day when we go to work/school. She’s even learnt to throw it from up the stairs to the ground to try to get the treats out. Who said staffies were dumb?? Not this one!

So we are on a quest to find the best toys – which ones can withstand Peppa’s “jaws of death”, keep her entertained and are worth spending money on. While we’re at it, we’ll also have a look at some toys and ideas for cats, birds and other pocket pets. There may even be a few guest bloggers dropping by to help us out…

We’d also love to hear your input on the toys we test, or any that you think we should investigate.

So read on, follow our journey and join the Four Paws Report team today!

Happy chewing 🙂

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